You should be dancing!

English Theatre Frankfurt
Friday 1 November 2013
Saturday Night Fever
A Musical by Robert Stigwood / Bill Oakes, directed by Ryan McBride

(c) muthmedia GmbH

You have to believe me when I say that I have never had a bad time at the English Theatre in Frankfurt ever. They just have the most gripping, interesting productions, and Saturday Night Fever (playing from tomorrow, 2 November 2013) is no exception. In fact, it’s absolutely brilliant.

The musical based on the well-known film featuring the genius music by the Bee Gees revolves around Tony Manero (authentically played by Chris Cowley), who struggles to find his place in life. The story hasn’t lost a bit of its appeal and topicality, as Tony and his friends try to make the most of their youth and their possibilities while dealing with private and social problems such as love, family and rivalry. There is something timeless about this Saturday Night Fever production, which captures the complications and excitement of coming of age.

(c) muthmedia GmbH

This clearly results from the great cast, who dance, sing, play their music and act at the same time to such an extraordinarily high standard. Combined with an innovative set design, consisting of rotatable cubes that served as either walls, rooms or club lounges as well as video projections, the total picture is an interesting mix of modern and more 70ies-style elements. Though all cast members had outstanding voices, I’d like to point out Naomi Slights as Stephanie, who is also an incredibly present dancer, and Paul Syrstad as Bobby C., who convinced me with his believable desperation and very beautiful voice.

Darragh O’Leary did an awesome job with the choreography and quite frankly made this production more worth seeing than any of the guest musical productions at the Alte Oper. You want to know what the best part about Saturday Night Fever at the English Theatre Frankfurt is? That it’s exciting for people of all ages, for girls, for boys, basically for everyone who wants to have a good time – there is fighting, live music, dancing, drugs, sex, tragedy, love and – most important of all – hope for a good life after all.

Saturday Night Fever is playing from tomorrow, 2 November 2013 until 16 February 2014. You can buy tickets and find more information plus dates here.


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