Short Review: Beyond the Yellow River

Rheingoldhalle Mainz
Sunday 26 August 2012
Henan Musical Company
Beyond the Yellow River

(c) CC Mainz

Rather by chance, once again, I found myself in a performance of Beyond the Yellow River, a dance-/musical show with a group from the Henan province. The event was for free and therefore the hall was packed with people. But what is to expect when you’ve never heard of the group and the entry didn’t cost a thing? I was excited to find out.
The fact that China tends to like kitschy, colourful stuff didn’t go unnoticed this evening – glamorous costumes, much glitter, light effects and a cheesy love story made the show a diversified, entertaining piece of Chinese culture, although there were obvious western influences such as elements from European and Russian classical music. The love story of two young people whose love grows throughout the seasons was admittedly rather shallow, but the effort that over 60 dancers put into the concept made it worth watching. Despite some minor technical errors and asynchronicity it was definitely an interesting evening and a real extravaganza for the eyes.


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