***UK Riots***

Regarding my last post about Britain, this all now seems very awkward. As probably all of you know, there is lots of violent activity all across the country. Not only does this have to do with the death of Mark Duggan, who was killed by the police last Thursday and whose death was said to be the trigger of the riots, but also with the discontent of the people about the recent governmental decisions, such as the tripling of university fees – TRIPLE, not double! The criminals are not all the stereotype hooded street kids, they are partly university graduates. They feel ignored by the government, since demonstrating  has not been of any use. David Cameron and the Conservatives must realise that something is very wrong in this country.

If you are a twen right now in the UK, your future does not look bright, regardless of your education. This isn’t a political blog, but since I am here right now I felt the need to write something, as this obviously concerns a nation, a whole culture. As I stepped out of Tesco’s this morning at 9am, the bin was suddenly on fire. And I was only in the shop for 5 minutes. It was no big deal, but you know – I don’t know where this is going, people are told not to stay out on the streets at night, shops close down, their windows barred up… I have to admit that I don’t feel very safe at the moment.

It seems so ridiculous to write about arts or music or the Proms, which are currently on in London – I needed to write this, otherwise my previous post would have looked hideous and ignorant. I sincerely hope the government will realise their mistakes and the situation will be under control again… but to be honest, I don’t see a way out of this at the moment.

(c) Daily Mail

For more information this interactive map might be interesting.


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