Short Review on Adele’s Album “21”

Adele, 22-year old British singer, is extremely popular in her home country with her recent album 21. Most of you will know her debut single from this album – Rolling in the deep (when I heard it first I thought it was called We could have had it all), which has been a success here as well as in many other countries. No wonder, Adele is a power girl, a bit shy looking, always neatly and well-dressed, but when she opens her mouth, oh boy. No more shyness there! It’s good to hear there are girls out there who are no sopranos, but real strong women, who sound like they’ve been drinking and smoking all day long (no offense). I have to admit, I don’t like to listen to female singers, unless their pitch is low and sultry like Adele’s. She does remind me a little bit of KT Tunstall voice-wise.

Her album is quite alright – I expected a bit more, especially after Rolling in the deep. Most songs are ballads, nice ones, but most of them monotonous. I’ll be waiting is one of the songs where Adele shows off her singing skills, as a BRIT School of Performing Arts graduate naturally having an outstanding voice. It’s a beautiful soul number, can I have some more of this, please?!

There’s no doubt that Adele has talent, not only for singing but also her lyrics are clever. It’s a shame one tends to stop listening attentively, since the soft guitar and piano sounds are rather reserved. I’d say her music is perfect for a warm summer night, while having a nice BBQ with the girls, but not for a joyride in your car with your windows wide open.


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