Welcome to Culture and Arts

Hi everyone,

welcome to my first blog – Culture and Arts – in which I will keep you updated about the latest cultural events I’ve attended. I’ve managed to add an RSS feed of my event calendar to my widgets – it’s still quite empty, but I’m sure it’ll get crowded there soon :)

As you can see in my calendar, I’ll be attending a classical concert on the 1st of April 2011. Thus, my first review will be about the 7th Mainzer Meisterkonzert, where the German Philharmonic Orchestra Rhineland-Palatinate will perform romantic works by Carl Maria von Weber, Richard Strauss and Anton Bruckner. Amongst Weber’s Overture to his opera Der Freischütz, the audience will also be hearing Strauss’ Horn Concerto No. 2 and Bruckner’s  Symphony No. 4, Romantic.

I’m really looking forward to reviewing the performance of this beautiful music – and to hearing what you think about my first review! :)

Stella x


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