Oper to go @ Oper Frankfurt | 14.&24. November 2014

Madness in all its facets – hand in hand with love, hiding in the shadow of power, it’s everywhere. What better place to show these facets than at the opera? Breathtaking coloratura, mood swings from on top of the worlds to down in the dumps, longing for love or for death: this is what awaits those who come to Oper Frankfurt on Friday, November 14th (10pm) or Monday, November 24th (7pm) 2014. The current Oper to go shows all “I volti della pazzia”.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office in Willy-Brandt-Platz (06921249494) or at the door, at a cost of 15€, including public transport within the RMV network and a free drink!


Der Wahnsinn hat viele Gesichter – mal geht er einher mit der Liebe, mal schleicht er sich ganz unauffällig im Schatten der Macht an. Wo kann man diese Gratwanderung besser sichtbar machen als in der Oper? Schwindelerregende Koloraturen, Stimmungsschwankungen von himmelhochjauchzend bis zu Tode betrübt, liebeskrank und todessehnsüchtig – das alles erwartet diejenigen, die sich am 14. (22 Uhr) oder 24. November (19 Uhr) 2014 dazu entscheiden, in die Oper Frankfurt zu kommen. Die aktuelle Oper to go zeigt musikalisch “Die Gesichter des Wahnsinns – I volti della pazzia“.

Karten sind an der Vorverkaufskasse am Willy-Brandt-Platz (06921249494) bzw. über die Abendkasse erhältlich und kosten 15€, der Eintritt beinhaltet das RMV Kombiticket und einen Drink aufs Haus!

Oper to go @ Oper Frankfurt | 25. September 2014

Liebe alle, ich entschuldige mich höflichst für die gähnende Leere hier, leider ist bei mir beruflich und gesundheitlich so viel im Gange, dass ich zu nichts komme. Nichtsdestotrotz will ich euch natürlich an die kommende Oper to go erinnern, die am 25. September 2014 um 19 Uhr im Holzfoyer der Oper Frankfurt stattfindet. Das ganze steht unter dem Motto ‘Starke Frauen!’. Kommet zuhauf und lasset euch verzaubern! Einlass ist ab 18.30 Uhr, der Eintritt kostet 15€ und beinhaltet einen Drink aufs Haus.


Dear all, my sincere apologies for this vast emptiness here, I’ve been completely swamped with stuff at work and several health issues (don’t get me started). But nontheless I really wanted you to know that there’s a new Oper to go coming up at Oper Frankfurt on Thursday, 25th September 2014 at 7pm! Admittance form 6.30pm, tickets are available for 15€ (one drink’s on the house!).


Fifty-Fifty Concert / Fifty-Fifty Konzert @ Oper Frankfurt

Amateur pupils playing alongside professional musicians in a proper demanding concert – impossible? I don’t think so: Successfully initiated in the UK, Oper Frankfurt launched a similar project this season with a great concert as a result: on Sunday, 13th July 2014 at 11am, Frankfurt’s Opern- und Museumsorchester will be playing pieces by Jolivet, Hindemith, Britten, Crespo, Rehbein and Dukas, plus Dvořák’s 8th Symphony in G, conducted by Sebastian Weigle and with strong support by Frankfurt’s most talented pupils. Tickets are availabe here and in all local booking offices!


(c) Wolfgang Runkel

Profis und Schüler spielen Seite an Seite in einem anspruchsvollen Konzert auf großer Bühne – unmöglich? Das Gegenteil ist der Fall: wie schon in England erfolgreich initiiert, stellt die Oper Frankfurt nun ein ebensolches Projekt auf die Beine: am Sonntag, den 13. Juli 2014 um 11 Uhr spielt das Frankfurter Opern- und Musuemsorchester und der Leitung von GMD Sebastian Weigle und mit der großen Unterstützung von Frankfurts begabtesten Schülern Stücke von Jolivet, Hindemith, Britten, Crespo, Rehbein and Dukas, sowie Dvořák’s 8. Sinfonie in G-Dur. Karten gibt es noch hier und an allen bekannten VVK-Stellen!

Oper to go @ Oper Frankfurt

Dear all, it’s been a while. I’m happy though to tell you about this extraordinary event at Oper Frankfurt today: Oper to go, an after work event for all who are interested in opera but don’t want all the stiff and upper class feeling that often comes with a visit at the opera! The concept is easy: an affordable ticket (15€ pp.), a drink on the house and an hour of easy-going, relaxed music (not necessarily opera – they do musicals too!) in a casual environment. Hope to see you there tomorrow, Wednesday April 16th 2014 at 6.30pm, Oper Frankfurt! Tickets can be purchased last minute at the box office.


Es ist schon eine Weile her, dass ich hier aktiv war – das tut mir leid! Ich freue mich aber umso mehr, heute eine ganz besondere Veranstaltung zu bewerben: Oper to go in der Oper Frankfurt. Das ganze ist ein After Work Event, bei dem alle Operninteressierten eingeladen sind, die Oper in einem lockeren, weniger steifen Rahmen erleben wollen. Das Konzept ist ganz einfach: ein günstiges Ticket (15€ pP.), ein Drink aufs Haus und eine Stunde in entspanner Atmosphäre mit Musik – nicht unbedingt Opernmusik, auch Musical ist ein großes Thema! Man sieht sich hoffentlich morgen Abend, am Mittwoch den 16. April um 18.30 an der Oper Frankfurt. Tickets gibt es an der Abendkasse.


Sunday Delight | Sonntagsvergnügen

Kölner Philharmonie
Sunday 12 January 2014 | Sonntag 12. Januar 2014
Gürzenich Orchestra, Eivind Aadland / Alban Gerhardt (cello)
Nordheim – Schumann – Prokofiev

(c) Sim Canetty-Clarke

Some of you may say that there are better ways to spend a Sunday morning than to get up at 6am and travel to Cologne to see a concert with a fairly normal programme. Under other circumstances I’d agree but there were three things that convinced me to sacrifice my lazy weekend brunch:

  1. I love Cologne and I’ve never been to the Philharmonie
  2. The last time I heard Alban Gerhardt play it was amazing – this guy is genius.
  3. It was so worth it.

Despite having Nordheim’s Nachruf for Strings in the programme, it all fit surprisingly well with a (made-up) theme I’d like to call “Dreams & Drama”. The Nachruf – an impressive, floating work from 1976 – was marvellously interpreted by the Gürzenich Orchester. What I loved most about the piece was the desperation which was in no way raging but rather silent – a haunting, eerie sound continuum of resgination and depression. Norwegian guest conductor Eivind Aadland did a great job leading the orchestra in an unagitated and precise way, making the whole programme sound sincere and honest (and never forced or artificial!)

When it came to Robert Schumann’s Cello Concerto (1850) and the flawless encore of Bach’s Prelude to his Cello Suite No. 4, Alban Gerhardt proved once more that he is quite rightly one of the most famous cellists of today. Playing by heart as always he managed to give the admittedly uber-infatuated Schumann a sense of serious emotion and energetic emphasis. His Goffriller cello stood out and yet merged with the orchestra sound so well, the audience was completely taken by this outstanding, lively performance. I sometimes thought that Beethoven might have looked the same as Gerhardt when he played the piano, being all taken up in the music. Schumann would have loved this interpretation.

For the second half, Aadland had chosen some excerpts from the Romeo and Juliet Suites (1935) by Prokofiev. The ambitious performance demanded a lot of the musicians but they succeeded in every possible way – they were highly motivated, played to the point and earned themselves a huge applause. (I particularly loved the fact that Alban Gerhardt snuck in and played with the other cellos – honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen another soloist do that – how cool is that?)

All in all – I’ve had one of the best Sunday mornings I had in months! If you want to witness this lovely experience, there will be two more performances tomorrow and on Tuesday. Klick here for more information.